A new way of
taking care of health


UX, UI and Frontend for VidaClass web app.


VidaClass is a health startup that provides access to various health services through a marketplace business model.

The platform is intended for all audiences looking for an alternative to high health costs, waiting lines, unavailability of services, without neglecting quality and well-being.

After an in-depth analysis of the company's scenario, a complete communication plan was developed covering online presence, branding and user experience on the web app.


As the cofounder of Interativ (Digital Agency) I used to wear many hats. This is the project where I definitively got over it. I built all the UX and frontend while leading digital marketing planning and operations. 🥵



In search of perfecting its newly created brand, highlighting its services and improving its communication plan to talk to the public and partners, VidaClass had as its main needs to shield itself from the competition and publicize its products to potential users.


In partnership with Confetti Agency we defined some steps to build a better experience for users while caring about communication in general.

1. Planning

We started the planning step creating Personas. It was crucial to understand and define how we should comunicate with users, who would use the product and who would benefit from the service.

You can see a persona below (João) who is not used to digital experiences. It was clear the digital strategie should focus on personas wich could easily understand the value proposition of the service without hesitations.

Persona Ana Flávia
Persona Roberto
Persona João

2. Digital presence

We created dedicated content to each persona in order to maximize findability on search engines.

Persona João
Persona João

3. UX

A new sitemap was built to easily present users with services and favor booking appointments. User testimonials were used as social proof, advantages and tools for calculating services were used to highlight the VidaClass differentials.


User needs and journey were used to create the basic structure of the website. Wireframes were used early in the development process to establish the basic structure before visual design and content were added.



The simplified navigation helped Vidaclass achieve more user sign ups in less time. More than 5,000 qualified leads in 6 months and a consistent increase in traffic without an increase in funds.

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