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Rede Saara

Website for gas station franchise


Responsive website built with the CMS Wordpress.


I was hired to design and develop the new website of Rede Saara (gas station franchise in Brazil).


Rede Saara needed a simple, easy to use responsive website. Their goal was to strengthen their brand in order to keep expanding.


I defined some steps to build a better experience for users while caring about communication in general.

1. Information architecture and navigation

User needs and journey were used to create the basic structure of the website. Wireframes were used early in the development process to establish the basic structure before visual design and content were added.

A new sitemap was built to easily present users with provided services and a easy navigation.


2. Content

Confetti Agency was responsable for the content creation. We defined some constraints about SEO and they created all the copy for the website.

3. Visual design

Elements were selected to show the company's humanized service, in addition to a distinct identity from the competition.



The website was built in just one month. See website.

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