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Brand and website for sustainable deliveries made by cyclists


Riobike Courier is a startup focused on sustaibale deliveries made by cyclists. They needed a brand and website in order to launch the project.


I designed the brand, website and lead the website development.


The challenge was to create a brand and website that would stand out from the competition and attract bikers willing to work.


The entire project demanded research and exploration. I was looking for simple ways to communicate Riobike's value proposition that would maintain a pleasant aesthetic.


I started by exploring some references about cycling and sustainability in order to create a clear brand, simple to identify and easy to remember.

Brand references

After some studies and color definitions I created the final brand you can see below.

Brand Riobike
Brand Riobike

Website Navigation

A simple navigation was designed to provide easy access to all information about the company and their services.

Riobike sitemap

Website Visual Design

Using the new created brand I designed the website focusing on making a clear brand statement: The company is sustainable, cost-saving and efficient.



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