Find and book beauty services with Trinks


Redesign of digital channels, website and app, to encourage navigation and scheduling of available services.


To help Trinks in its goal of becoming the most used beauty services app in Brazil, the portal and mobile app were rebuilt from the ground with an experience totally dedicated to scheduling services.


I was hired as a senior ux/ui designer for this project.



The goal was to renew the entire app and website, in order to make it more intuitive for the user, providing the best user experience in the market. Trinks were running an MVP for almost 2 years and many other players were getting into the market.

Another concern was SEO. Getting better results on SERPs would have a huge impact on achieving both B2B and B2C users.


Beauty services were not something that I was very familiar with (even my own hair I used to cut at home, but lack of previous experience is never an excuse for a good design work 🙂).

I started by capturing information from all stakeholders. Many (many) meetings with founders, team and users. It helped me better understand the business and user cases.

Design principles

After this initial immersion process I defined 4 principles to guide the design project:

  1. Clear value proposition for B2B and B2C users.
  2. Aesthetics and minimalist design. (Nielsen would be proud)
  3. Provide simple experience for new users.
  4. Provide appealing experience for recurrent users.

With these principles in hand and their MVP as a starting point I started a 3 steps process to ideation:

1. Understanding user needs

This is core to the process. Asking what users want is not always enough. In this step I was aware of what triggered behaviors.

One thing that came up in this process was that users are often very loyal to their favorite beauty stores. With this info I realized shortcuts (to book repeated services on the favorite place is an example) would be very important to the UX. Other ideas came up in the same process as well.


2. Finding deficiencies in the current product

Comparing findings on step one to the current product, heuristics and benchmarking were key to define what we should build.


3. Suggesting improvements and new features

Finally solutions. Several ideas came up in the process. I prototyped some of them and the most valuable ones (validated with stakeholders) were introduced in the final experience. (See low fidelity prototype.)



At the moment Trinks is the biggest marketplace of beauty services in Brazil with more than 700k B2C users and 50k B2B users. Since 2019 part of Stone Group, a payment processing services unicorn.


  • High positive impact on Stores feeback. From 3 to 4.9 stars on Apple store.
  • Increase in positive users experience feedback: "It's much easier and more practical, you don't have to keep calling!".
  • Acquired investment by the brazilian Unicorn Stone in 2019.
  • More than 700.000 monthly visits.
  • More than a million monthly appointments.

Other cases