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Game McCain - APAS 2019 - UI and Development


For this awarded project, we created a personalized game to the launch of SureCrisp from McCain, a global leader in the frozen pre-fried potato industry, in partnership with Rappi, since the product was developed to last longer crunchy, with a focus on delivery.


This project was lead by Confetti Agency and my role was to create the UI and develop the game based on Key Visuals received from the agency.



I started a concept of the game planning it to be played on horizontal view (as you can see below). Initially it was a suggestion from the lead agency.

Horizontal concept of the game

After some tests and considerations it was clear it would't be the best option because of the limited view of the scenery. It would be harder to build a balanced game considering fun and challenge to the users.

Back to references I looked for some inspiration from classic games:

References of classics games

Proof of concept for the top view of the game

Proof of concept

I decided for a view from top (the same as Sonic wings). Would be harder to work in a "3D like" perspective with the deadline we had and the top view provides a good visibility from the scenary.


The game was built in two weeks with the javascript framework Phaser.

Unfortunately the installation was too low for high people. 😓


Awarded as First Place at STAND SHOW APAS – POPAI 2019 | Category: Best Promotional Action - Medium Size - 2019

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